Lithia Monson Scenario one A Perform neuroSwift River Med Surg Quizlet Lithia Monson He is complaining of severe Swift river med surg answers Swift river quizlet Swift river quizlet CLINICAL CASES: MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING 6 haematoma or Kate Bradley Scenario 1 Upon entering the room, the nurse does not see the sitter.
4. Your patient patient has a dobutamine IV drip running. The IV rate is 30 mL/hour. The IV bag has 500 mg of dobutamine in 250 mL of fluid. How many mcg/kg/min is your patient receiving? 5. Your patient is on a heparin drip with 20,000 units in a 250 mL bag of fluid. The order is to deliver heparin at 750 units per hour.